This Is Love (Gold & Blue)



An aura of gold and blue

Surrounds them

For they have been one with the other

His and hers

Hers and his

And the light, the aura



Occupying the same narrow space

For hours at a time

His ocean to her shore

Ever wanting more

Never needing to flow back outward

And it’s blue and it’s gold

And it’s nameless thousands of other colors



His hand upon her is electric

Tracing the lights and color

Creating the aura

And she is his


Until at last they, with slower breath, sleep

Wrapped up together

His arms like mist

Lost in her hair

And everywhere

And they know nothing

Except each other


And it lasts as long as it lasts

For love knows no timetable

No schedule to meet

No clock to watch


And the seasons follow

Glide and slide

Over the tunnel of time

And it changes

They change

But insist on flowing still

Into one another

And creating the blue and the gold


The aura

His ocean to her shore

They meet again

And again


This is love