Dylan's Cause

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Dylan’s Cause is the first installment in the Tryta Chronicles. In Dylan’s Cause Diana and Dwyn (two “angelics” who live in a region called Tryta in the Heavenly Realm) are living the perfect “heavenly” life together. Then Dwyn’s dark side begins to strengthen, and soon he is causing trouble in Tryta; trouble that leads to him being cast out of the heavenlies, doomed to seek his fortune on the earth while he transforms into a demon. The Creator burns off Dwyn’s beautiful wings and seals his fate. Soon after, Diana finds out she is with child. The Tryta Chronicles follows all of little Dylan’s life. He is a new creature, the only one of his kind; half-angel and half-demon. What will become of him? Which life will he choose; good or evil? Read Dylan’s Cause and follow him on his journey.

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