Twinkle Lights


Something about the white and the light

The shadows they cast, never the same twice, like snowflakes

They’re joy and prom night and weddings and parties on the deck

They’re childhood but the best of it, the kind you really wish you’d had

Laughing at you or with you at every joke you’ve ever heard

Drawing the best thoughts and feelings from deep inside like water from a well

It’s impossible to be sad around them as they fully complete their mission

And a lesson we learn: do what you do, be what you are, shine, chase away the dark


They stir me, every time

A Place

I see it when I close my eyes
Between wake and sleep
A faraway place where pain is absent
And time is not.
Light and color redefined
The unseeable now seen
The indescribable comes to life.
Love fills every pore and peace
Floods the mind and soul.
There is that place, I have glimpsed
And upon waking mourn the loss of it.