Are Perfectionism & Art Compatible?

I’ve been thinking that there are times when perfectionism is a gift but a lot of times it feels more like a curse. Ultimately, perfectionism is caused by a need to control something or anything or everything.

When I sit in front of a canvas I have learned to turn off any need for perfectionism and think a little less. I like to let the subconscious take over and paint on mostly instinct. It’s one of the few times in my life when I feel like I truly just let go and BE. I’m totally in the moment. Maybe that’s why it’s become such a passion of mine.


Welcome to the new site!

I began writing on more of a full-time basis in ’09 and was blessed to be able to write several books, open an independent publishing company with my husband and partner and help others on their writing journey as well.

A few years back after dealing with some health issues, I found that my creative juices began to flow away from full-length book writing and I began to do more  poetry. (I am planning a book of all my original poetry to be published in probably about two years’ time.)

Not too long ago I revisited something that had been a more peripheral part of my life and creative journey: painting with acrylics. I grew up with an extraordinarily talented older brother (all three are extraordinary in their own way) but one of them was an amazing artist.

Although the written word has always been my path with creativity, as long as I can remember I have enjoyed abstract art and impressionism with a sort of intimidated awe.

I was afraid of the canvas.

Colors and shapes have always spoken to me, but until recently, I just didn’t have the nerve to try my own hand with painting. I knew my creativity was about to take a new direction, and with the encouragement of some friends and family members, I finally faced the blank canvas.

I could not have imagined how I would take to it. My first attempts were not stellar, but I finally got over the need for perfection right out of the chute, and just began to play with colors and designs.

I have such a passion for it now that when I’m not painting I’m thinking about painting. I think, eat, sleep and breathe painting (when I’m not writing poetry).

People grow, evolve, and change all throughout their lives, facing new challenges and dreaming new dreams. I’m excited to pursue both my love for the written word and the thrill of splashing vibrant colors onto surfaces and molding and shaping them into “words” of their own.

I’ve posted some of my older links, trailers and articles for anyone interested, but I hope you enjoy the new website. Feel free to look around and stay a while. (And who knows what direction my creativity will go in the future, but it will be fun, that I know.) Follow your bliss!!


Twinkle Lights


Something about the white and the light

The shadows they cast, never the same twice, like snowflakes

They’re joy and prom night and weddings and parties on the deck

They’re childhood but the best of it, the kind you really wish you’d had

Laughing at you or with you at every joke you’ve ever heard

Drawing the best thoughts and feelings from deep inside like water from a well

It’s impossible to be sad around them as they fully complete their mission

And a lesson we learn: do what you do, be what you are, shine, chase away the dark


They stir me, every time